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Bar R Cattle Company and the Reeves Family welcomes you to attend our 5th Wagyu Production Sale in Pullman, Washington (and online). We are grateful for the connections and friendships we have made over the years with people from the USA and across the world because of our shared interest in Wagyu cattle. It is an honor to be part of a breed that has truly revolutionized the high-quality beef eating experience as we know it, and we look forward to continuing to advocate for the Wagyu breed. We recognize that its influence has only seen the tip of the iceberg.
For our 2024 sale, we are putting together an exclusive lineup of Wagyu cattle which will excite the most established Wagyu breeder, the new breeder, and also commercial cattle producers from other breeds to use our bulls for easy calving and producing premium F1 calves for the marketplace. For the past 34 years, we have raised our Wagyu cows like a commercial cattle rancher. They are range-calved with no assistance and range-raised in tough terrain on their own mothers. 85% of the animals in this sale were raised by their biological dams, and we believe it is important for Wagyu cows to be able to raise a live calf to weaning each year.



Friday May 24th:

- 8 am: Sale offering on display at the Bar R Ranch all day

- 11 am-2:30 pm: Pearson Farm & Fence Sponsored Lunch. Animal & Land Management Workshop with demonstrations by Pearson Farm & Fence, Gallagher, and K-Line Irrigation.

- 3 pm: Afternoon lineup of speakers includes:

    - Arlie Reeves (Bar R Wagyu)

    - Kaito Yajima (General Manager at Super Prime Beef, Inc.)

    - Dan Genho (Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement at Agri Beef)

    - Dr. Blake Foraker (Assistant Professor in Meat Science, Washington State University)

- 5-7:30 pm: Hors d’oeuvres & drinks

Saturday May 25th:

- 8 am: Sale offering on display at the Bar R Ranch

- 11 am: Dr. Jerry Reeves (Bar R Wagyu) Presentation

- Noon: Lunch provided by Bar R Wagyu

- 1 pm (PST): Auction begins

Block room rates available at the Coast Hilltop Inn in Pullman. Call by May 10th to get the discounted rate of $119 + taxes — the room block name is Bar R Wagyu Production Sale.


  • We registered our first Wagyu calf in 1990. This auction is the result of 34 years of intentional, data-driven breeding.

  • We utilize genomic-enhanced EPDs from the American Wagyu Association and Agri-Beef (Snake River Farms). Additionally, we have been fortunate to able to get data back on bulls in our lease programs for F1 production. Regarding carcass data, we had the unique opportunity to utilize the carcass reference population from Agri Beef/Snake River Farms (over 100,000 Wagyu carcasses). They have been individually DNA analyzed by Neogen to develop a genomic Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) for performance, carcass, and feed efficiency traits of individual Wagyu cattle. Agri Beef and Neogen have also developed a total index of these traits for each animal. This genomic index takes into account not only carcass and growth traits but also feed efficiency (i.e., RFI), which in today’s world of increasing feed prices is economically imperative.

  • We have the young bulls and heifers that will be offered in our sale in GrowSafe tests right now. GrowSafe feed efficiency testing has been an important part of the Bar R program since 2010 -- that's 14 years' worth of feed efficiency advancement in our herd, and we've seen the difference this makes!

  • Our cattle are range-calved and range-raised in some tough country, which has greatly contributed to the resiliency of our herd. We utilize embryo transfer but emphasize the importance of cows having their own natural calves and being able to take care of their calves on their own. This type of resiliency and hardiness is transferable to any corner of the country considering we experience extreme summers and harsh, Northern winters. 

  • When you buy Bar R Wagyu cattle, you also get us, and we (the Reeves Family) care about the viability and sustainability of your Wagyu program -- we want you to be successful! We are in this breed not just because we are passionate about cattle, but because we believe in the breed and care about advancing the breed forward.

We look forward to our 2024 sale, which will be the biggest Wagyu event in the Pacific Northwest this year. We can't wait to see old friends and new friends alike, and encourage you to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or want to chat cattle. We welcome visitors to the ranch any time.

Sincerely, Jerry, Heidi & Arlie Reeves

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